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I just don't find this funny
I know I should expect an angry mob coming at me for posting this. 

My most cordial apologies, but I really don't like this meme. I can stand his boom version to an extent but this is not something for me. His design and personality dont appeal me personally and (believe it or not) I have a weird auditive condirion that makes clicking noises A FATAL POISON TO MY EARS.

*sigh* First Sanic and now this?

Anyway, I can totally understand if you like this meme but I don't. I'm so sorry.
Brother's love
Once again wth this personal thing.

Upper scene: Mega Man with X.

Downer scene: Mega Man with X in the Zero series.

How did I come up with it? I've seen many fan made brotherly moments with Mega Man and X. The family they could have been, the fun they could have had.

But it looks like I'm the only one who has wondered this: What if Mega Man also had to witness the horrors X had to go through in the Zero series? This includes X's sacrifice to seal the dark elf. Imagine how shattered he would be if that ever happened. It would be "Hiro and Tadashi" all over again. Rock would learn and experience all sorts of human feelings he wasn't able to feel previously from being so busy with crimefighting. I honestly thought bringing the classic cast to the Zero series would lift up it's dark mood a bit but since this is a sad moment from said series, it's a sad moment for him.

So I made this thing where Rock survives all the way to the X series, Zero series and maybe ZX too. He does however, die before Legends though due to excessive metal decay or something but likely reincarnates directly as Mega Man Volnutt (Isn't that a reset world after all?).

To add depth: Rock has experienced grief and depression for the first time in his life. Both X and Light's death had broken the barrier known as "robotic limitations". This sadness comes from the depths of his soul. The guardians have been trying everything to cheer him up, but nothing. They're all worried about his emotional condition, specially Harpuia. In fact, in this AU, Rock blames himself for X's demise because he tried to face the dark elf himself to impress him. Check "Your brother is always there" for more info.

Also, this MMZ design for Rock was something that Nakayama himself designed:…
I've been playing Megaman Zero 3.

When will I get to defeat that mantis!? >:/
"No, I won't let you reach where Master X is. You shall not disgrace him!" A deep voice spoke from a dark chamber.

"Wha? What do you think you're doing!?" A long haired gold-blonde reploid exclaimed. His sword was only a few inches away from the badly injured masked reploid whose body was beggining  to overheat and shake violently.

"I'M TAKING YOU WITH ME!!!!!!!!" He angrily exclaimed as his body was suddenly engulfed in bursting flames which ended into a violent explosión that lit up the entire room.

"NO!" A lighter voice was heard from the upper chamber. He knew that low toned voice belonged to no other than his little brother.

Upon a scream and a sound of a burning explosión, his brother was no more to be heard.

The air general descended from his chamber, desperate to see what had happened. The first thing he saw was just a black smoke covering the entire room and debris thrown through the floor. Zero was still there, coughing but somehow having survived the explosión.

"Zero...." He glanced at the red armored reploid who suddenly left the room, heading for his next target: Copy X, whom the guardians unknowningly believed to be their long lost master.

"You coward. Don't you dare to fight for a third-" Harpuia suddenly stepped on a mysteriously shaped piece of debris. Picking it up, he figured out what it was much to his horror: A torn side of Phantom's mask. Taking a look at his surroundings, he could see other charred remains of his brother such as his arm, his scarf, pieces of his armor, broken tubes and wires, his badly damaged dark cross and even: his oilstained head.

"Phantom...." The sage lowered to the floor and grabbed the head. He quietly stared at it. His eyes were closed and unoperative but this time, he wasn't doing any of his usual concentration exercises. No, he was dead, lifeless, just a piece of charred debris.

"Sage Harpuia, take good care of your younger siblings. They'll depend of you now" Those were the last words he had heard from his master. At least before he started acting strange.

Harpuia gently brought Phantom's head close to his chest. He felt white lubricant tears beginning to flow from his eyes.

This sparked something Phantom told him shortly after their creation. A knowledge X had transfered him.

-"Crying is not an act of cowardly. It proves that in the very inside, you're human"-

"Brother, I-I failed you" The general said weakly due to his constant sobbing obstructing his speaking function.

Pulling out one of his sonic blades, he mournfully impaled it in the floor. What would Leviathan and Fefnir think about this? Their little brother all charred and blown apart? Their big brother having failed to stop him?

"Zero" Harpuia said with an angered tone and his eyelids tightening even more "Your crime shall have it's punishment!"

Upon gathering all of Phantom's debris, he placed his head, his cross and his mask in a proper place of the chamber to honor him "You fought with all of your strengh. Good night brother mine" He whispered taking off his helmet for a moment. Before attempting to take down Zero one last time, he had to tell his only remaining brother and his sister about the sad news.


Yes, this is how I imagined the scene after Phantom's death in the first Zero game. How did the guardians react to his unfair demise? I decided to headcanon Harpuia as the one who found about it first. After all, I see him as the eldest of the guardians while Phantom was the youngest.
Farewell master X
Adios maestro X

"Rock. Estas llorando?"

"No! Es solo una filtración"

"Reconozco las lagrimas autenticas cuando las veo. Antes de sentirte mejor, debes dejar que fluyan fuera de tu sistema"

Era sorprendente. Era la primera vez que Rock había llorado desde su construcción. Venia directo de su alma ya que el nunca fue programado para esto.

Me tomo muchísimo trabajo terminar este dibujo, pero estoy satisfecha con el resultado final. Los fondos quedaron decentes por una vez. Se supone que esto es el cuerpo de X encapsulado en el corazón de Yggdrassil con el fin de mantener sellada a la elfa oscura, antes de que X materializara su propia forma de ciber elfo. Sus familiares (Hermanos e hijos) pudieron ir a verlo por ultima vez. Ahí, dejaron una ofrenda con flores, velas aromatizadas y una tarjeta, con el fin de que su alma pudiese descansar.

Cuando X "fallecio", Rock estaba mas que devastado. Creia que su hermano duraría para siempre por que no era un humano de piel y sangre como el Dr. Light. Pero no solo los humanos se pueden danar mas alla de la reparación.

"El nunca dejo de creer en ti. Y te esta observando, este donde este"

"Pero y si los reploids se pueden romper, ustedes también se romperán?"

"Rock. Are you crying?"

"No! It's just a leak"

"I recognize genuine tears when I see them. Before feeling better, you have to let them flow out of your system"

This was just astonishing. It was the first time Rock has cried ever since he was built. It was coming straight from his soul since he was never programmed for that.

This picture took me forever to finish. But I'm happy with the end result. The backgrounds turned decent for once. This is supossed to be a scene of X's body encapsulated on Yggdrassil to contain the dark elf, before his cyber elf form was fully materialized. His family (Siblings and children) were allowed to see him one last time. There, they left an ofrenda of flowers, scented candles and a card, hoping for his soul to finally take his well deserved rest.

When X "died", Rock was beyond devastated. He believed that his brother would last forever because he was not a flesh and blood human like Dr. Light. But turns out that not only humans can break beyond repair.

""He never stopped believing in you. And he is watching over you, wherever he is"

"But if reploids can really break, that means.... You'll break too?
The accident
Another Warriors fanart. This time is Stormkit's accident from Crookedstar's promise..

Why so much time since the last time I drew warrior cats? It's because I'm still learning to draw them and I am still trying to pick a basic style: Realistic? Cartoony? Anime-esque? Is it legal to use MAP designs as a ref?

Now let me speak. Crookedstar has grown to become one of my favorite leaders. He may have had a crooked jaw but never had a crooked heart. It broke me to see this scene in the book and how it was described, (it reminded me when I fell from the stairs in my dad's house when I was 5 years old and broke my arm, though it healed well). Despite being scarred for life and losing many loved ones, he kept on and became a noble RiverClan leader. This is the moral of the book for me, is the heart what matters, not the looks.

I'll keep practicing with cat art, but for now I'm mostly drawing kits.
This takes place in X's room,

Poor Rock. He may not have been slaughtered by Zero or trapped in a time limbo but he has to face something even worseand embarassing: Getting grounded by his lil bro just for blowing up a mirror :o (Eek).

Well, did you really think I forgot about that Mega-Proto-Quick Man fusion with the pogostick of doom? Well I know Quint is an unusualy disliked character in the series and for some, the reason of Rock's disappearance but I'm thinking about what exactly do with him in this AU. I got two posible options here:

Option #1: After Wily's plans were foiled, Quint's future was negated and he either ceased to exist or his convertion got pushed back several years more, surpassing the X era. His true fate is yet to be revealed.

Option #2: Quint did indeed happen but was sent by Wily back to his time for considering him useless (Given his bland boss fight) replacing him with a copy. While he returns to his Rock self, he's strictly forbidden to fight evil anymore for his safety.

In both cases, Rock still remembers battling Quint/his time as him. He fears he may return since he feels he can no longer be a hero as he is no longer a "super fighting robot" only using his buster for industrial purposes. But following this comic, Zero confiscates it (Not for long Wink/Razz)
Please read. This is a warning about animal abuse.

Last night, I went to a small restaurant with my family. My dad had invited us since the owner was and old friend of his. I met him upon arrival and he showed me his cat. A cute ginger colored female cat named "Rain".

But I noticed something odd about her shortly afterwards, she had no tail. I asked her owner if she had an accident or something. He told me the sad reality: They day he found her, a man had grown so annoyed of her that he ripped her tail off for no apparent reason. I was shocked, what kind of person would do that to an innocent kitten?

Seriously, a tail helps a cat with balance. Without her tail, she might have trouble with her instincts. But thank goodness she's happy and healthy. The owners always feed her with scraps of chicken from the restaurant. And she isn't neutered yet, so she had several healthy kittens. I'm astonished at how Rain had grown so strong despite her missing tail.

But this motivated me to do something. As a cat lover (and animal lover in general) I just found unforgivable how someone could rip off a cat's tail just for fun. I'm willing to help any cat in need whenever I can. And if I get my own cat someday, it doesn't matter if it lacks a tail, an ear, an eye or a leg. I just want it to be healthy and happy.

Wow. Has somebody else noticed these Zero designs for Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man?:…

Apparently Nakayama himself designed them.

Is anyone else shocked (and horrified) by the fact people actually ship Classic Megaman with X!?


Sip. Yo me imagino que los cuatro guardianes originalmente eran ciber elfos bebe cuando nacieron. El website japonés de Megaman Zero Collection lo sugiere. También menciona que el naciemiento de los guardianes fue cuando X "murio" para sellar a la madre elfa.

Pues bueno, aquí tenemos a Rock, Roll y Blues con sus cuatro "sobrinos". Es decir, X los creo con su ADN lo cual técnicamente puede describirlo como su "padre". Rock les tiene mucho afecto ya que son todo lo que le queda de su hermano.

Yep, I imagine this: the four guardians were originally baby cyber elves when they were born. The japanese website for Megaman Zero collection implies this. It also mentions the guardians' birth happening at the momento of X's sealing sacrifice.

But well, here we have Rock, Roll andd Blues with their four "nephews". I mean, X created them from his DNA making him their "father" in a sense. Rock shows a lot of affection for them since they're all he has left from his beloved brother.
Trying to replicate Nakayama's art style was a bad idea. Artists like Tomycase and UltimateMaverickX make it look easy ^^'

This is a redraw of a scene from the Megaman ZX anime tráiler and my first attempt at drawing Vent and Aile.
Spike rose red
Well, this is my first attempt at drawing a Maverick. Hope you like it :)

Bueno este es mi primer intento en dibujar a un Maverick, espero  que les guste :)
Easter fools day
Has anybody heard of that DA originals thing DeviantArt has been doing lately? I thought I would make a series with Mintoshi and the others someday.

But honestly, this comic strip turned out quite dissapointing. I got lazy with the backgrounds and layout. And the coloring is even more plain and lazy than usual. So, when it comes to fanart, I make masterpieces but when it comes to original content, I make rubbish :/

It's just that I'm not used to make those but does anybody know about any nice comic/manga making tutorials out there? Bedsides I need to know about a way to make those without suddenly experiencing those lazyness attacks and headaches. Remember, I'm a beginner with this and I am aware I won't reach the top if I don't take a single step with at least trying.

Now, about this comic. This was suppossed to be for easter but was posted three days late since I'm slow with making comics. This jokes how easter day matched April fools day this year. Do you know not all easter eggs rot? In some cases, they're just empty egg shells. Mintoshi likes easter mostly for the chocolate eggs (Her character developement states that she is addicted to chocolate). The bat you see below is Cyrus. He is a rather naughty character.

Now I'll need some tips for comic art. What kind of artstyle, font and software should I use? Any good tutorials out in YouTube? I'm currently developing these characters to see if I can créate a tv show with them (Impossible I know ^^;)

Happy belated easter.
Wake up!

Si, lamentablemente esta era la escena en la que X sacrifico su cuerpo para sellar a la elfa oscura. Pero como ya les he mencionado antes, este es mi AU personal donde el Mega Man clásico estuvo presente.

X nunca le permitio a Rock combatir contra la amenaza Maverick ya que los consideraba muy peligrosos para el. A los demás robots también se les prohibia ir a combatir pero únicamente por ser "reliquias descontinuadas del pasado". Con X y Rock era distinto, X sobreprotegia a su hermano por que el era su familia, por que el lo quería mucho y no se lo perdonaría que algo le pasara a el ni a Roll ni a Blues.

Pero tras el incidente de la guerra elfo y la fundación de Neo Arcadia, Rock quiso tratar de vencer a la madre ciber elfo la cual por poco se apodera de su cuerpo. Prácticamente eso fue lo que le paso a X: Se sacrifico para evitar que su hermano fuese tomado por la elfa y que esta siguiese causando mas danos. Su alma fue forzada fuera de su cuerpo, matándolo al instante y dando origen a cuatro ciber elfos bebe, nacidos de su código ADN.

Aquí (En esta pseudo captura de pantalla), Rock encontró a los cuatro elfos (Los futuros guardianes de Neo Arcadia) y vio a X tirado en el suelo, completamente inmóvil.

"X? Estas bien? La elfa oscura ya no esta" Pero X no respondia a la voz de su hermano.

"Lo has logrado, eres padre" Antes de esto, Rock le había preguntado a X si era posible que un reploid pudiese tener descendencia biológica pero el siempre le decía que solo los humanos podían. Esta vez fue una excepción.

Pero a que costo?

"Hermano, despierta. DESPIERTA!" Era inútil. X no se movia ni un milímetro. Su alma ya no estaba ahí. Las autoridades de Neo Arcadia se vieron forzados a sacar a Rock de ahí antes de que siguiese sacudiendo el cuerpo de X, pues la madre ciber elfo despertaría.

El muchacho se sentía desesperado. No había sentido algo asi desde que el Dr. Light fallecio.

Yes, unfortunately this was the scene in which X sacrificed his body to seal the dark elf. But as I mentioned before, this is my personal AU where classic Mega Man was present.

X never allowed Rock to fight against the Maverick threat since he considered them very dangerous for him. The other robots were also forbidden to go to fight but only for being "discontinued relics from the past." With X and Rock was different, X overprotected his brother because he was his family, because he loved him very much and would not forgive him for something that happened to him neither Roll nor Blues.

But after the incident of the elf wars and the foundation of Neo Arcadia, Rock wanted to defeat the cyber elf mother who almost took over his body. Practically that was what happened to X: He sacrificed himself to avoid that his brother was taken by the elf and that it would continue causing more damage. His soul was forced out of his body, killing him instantly and giving birth to four baby cyber elves, born of his DNA code.

Here (In this pseudo screenshot), Rock found the four elves (Neo Arcadia's future guardians) and saw X lying on the ground, completely motionless.

"X? Are you okay? The dark elf is gone." But X did not respond to his brother's voice.

"You've made it, you're a father" Before this, Rock had asked X if it was possible that a reploid to have biological offspring but he always told him that only humans could. This time it was an exception.

But at what cost?

"Brother, wake up, WAKE UP!" It was useless. X did not move a millimeter. His soul was no longer there. The authorities of Neo Arcadia were forced to remove Rock out of there before he continued shaking X's body, because the cyber elf mother would wake up.

The boy felt desperate. He hadn't felt like this since Dr. Light passed away.

Previous: Your brother is always there

Your brother is always there
Tu hermano siempre estará ahi

Antes de que me lo pregunten, si. X esta rescatando a Rock de un combate que salio mal.

Veran, en este AU (Alternate Universe), el Mega Man original (Rock) estuvo presente en los eventos que transcurrieron entre el X8 y el primer Zero al igual que sus hermanos pero sin Light, Wily, Cossack o Kalinka los cuales si habían fallecido. X descubrió su verdadero propósito, fue hecho para reemplazar a Rock como héroe robotico pero no por que Rock estuviese muerto ni nada; Todo lo contrario, fue porque el Dr. Light sintió que las amenazas surgientes iban a ser muy peligrosas para el. Por eso construyo a X, para que Rock no se arriesgara. Pero el doctor, al darse cuenta del poder ilimitado de X y el peligro que traería en las manos equivocadas, tuvo que sellar a X por tres décadas. Al morir Light, a Rock se le pidió que se retirara a las profundidades de la ciudad y no volviera a combatir por su seguridad al igual que Roll, Blues, Bass y los demás.

X lo descubrió en un museo mientras Axl se recuperaba. Inicialmente Zero pensaba que lo había matado (Teoria que Inafune ha desmentido). X estaba tan contento de ver a su familia que no quiso que Rock saliese a combatir con el, sino que se quedara en la base a cumplir su directiva original: Ser un niño de verdad.

Pero Rock es muy insistente y no comprendia muchas cosas debido a los limites d su programación. Por eso en esta escena (Que toma lugar después de la guerra elfo y la fundación de Neo Arcadia), el muchaco se fugo de la torre a tratar de vencer a la madre ciber elfo en Yggdrassil. X vino con su antigua armadura (Que hestitaba en ponerse pues el ya no quería combatir, quería una vida normal con su familia aunque Rock no pensase lo mismo).

Aquí, Zero ya estaba sellado, Neo arcadia ya existia y las guerras elfo ya habían acabado pero X aun estaba ahi gobernando con soberanía y los guardianes no habían nacido aun al igual que Ciel y Copy X.

Rayos. Aun no me salen bien los fondos XD

Before you ask me, yes. X is rescuing Rock from a fight that went wrong.

You see, in this AU (Alternate Universe), the original Mega Man (Rock) was present in the events that occured between  X8 and the first Zero like his brothers but without Light, Wily, Cossack or Kalinka as they had passed away . X discovered his true purpose, he was made to replace Rock as a robotic hero but not because Rock was dead or anything; Quite the contrary, it was because Dr. Light felt that the emerging threats were going to be very dangerous for him. That's why I build X, so Rock would not risk himself. But the doctor, realizing the unlimited power of X and the danger he would bring in the wrong hands, had to seal X for three decades. When Light died, Rock was asked to retire to the depths of the city and not fight again for his safety like Roll, Blues, Bass and the others.

X discovered him in a robot museum while Axl recovered. Initially Zero thought that he had killed him (theory that Inafune has denied). X was so happy to see his family that he didnt want Rock to go out and fight with him, but to remain at the base to fulfill his original directive: To be a real boy.

But Rock is very insistent and did not understand many things due to the limits of his programming. That's why in this scene (which takes place after the elf wars and the foundation of Neo Arcadia), the boy escaped from the tower to try defeating the dark elf on Yggdrassil. X came with his old armor (which he hestitated to use because he did not want to fight anymore, he wanted a normal life with his family even if Rock did not think the same).

Here, Zero was already sealed, Neo Arcadia already existed and the elf wars were over but X was still there ruling with sovereignty and the guardians haven;t born yet like Ciel and Copy X.

Rats. I;m still unable to make decent backgrounds XD  


Next: Wake up!
Rest easy heroes
Has anyone else noticed Zero's death in Megaman Zero 4 was very similar to Shadow's death in Sonic adventure 2?

Both cases had

*A falling colony that nearly destroyed humanity
*A dark but kind hearted hero sacrificing himself
*Their "could-have-been lovers" mourning them
*Only a remnant ítem found (Helmet and ring)
*And they come back somehow (Zero wasn't so lucky this time since he just had his mind encased in a metal piece XD)

Well, this inspired me to make this. If you have any idea of what Shadow would say about this, tell me.
Slices of cake
Those are slices of the cake I showed you earlier. The upper layer has chocolate flavor and the lower one is vanilla


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