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Father's day 2018 by MintStarMari Father's day 2018 :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 8 0 Zero style: Rock by MintStarMari Zero style: Rock :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 8 1 Fuse Man by MintStarMari Fuse Man :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 28 2 Dysis by MintStarMari Dysis :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 16 1 Swarming memories by MintStarMari Swarming memories :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 19 1 Colour Scheme Challenge by MintStarMari Colour Scheme Challenge :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 7 1 Mother's day 2018 by MintStarMari Mother's day 2018 :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 66 7 As pink as rose by MintStarMari As pink as rose :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 33 1 Maintenance by MintStarMari Maintenance :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 17 6 Bokkearly son for xXCascading-RosesXx by MintStarMari Bokkearly son for xXCascading-RosesXx :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 7 0 Benmoon daughter for xXCascading-RosesXx by MintStarMari Benmoon daughter for xXCascading-RosesXx :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 6 0 Reminshade daughter for xXCascading-RosesXx by MintStarMari Reminshade daughter for xXCascading-RosesXx :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 9 0 Chaream son for xXCascading-RosesXx by MintStarMari Chaream son for xXCascading-RosesXx :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 9 1 Sad little robot by MintStarMari Sad little robot :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 11 2 Prismatic resilience by MintStarMari Prismatic resilience :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 37 0 Brother's love by MintStarMari Brother's love :iconmintstarmari:MintStarMari 22 2
Welcome to my galllery. Please enjoy these artworks both fanart and original. Remember, not all of my art is in the same canon and you can recognize it with a butterfly shaped sig.

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Another silly update: You know what would be the worst idea ever? 

Letting a spider bite you and see if you become a superhero (Nope, you'll end in an hospital)
Time for a silly status update: You know what's the only french I ever learned?

"Omelette au fromage" (cheese omelette)
I'm taking a bit of a break from art.

I promise I'll return at time for a father's day artwork
Good news: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are finally married :)

Bad news: A plane has crashed in Cuba with 100 casualities :(
Ow! I got several scratcthes in my left hand when I was playing with a cat
Last night I had a strange (but sad dream)

I was in a cemetery, I saw Zero mourning Iris, holding a picture of her in front of her "casket". Meanwhile, I was somehow impersonated as Ciel and I was holding MMZ Zero's helmet in front of what seemed to be an urn with his remains. Time paradox or something?
*Introduces my username on google search*

Okay, how did my art end up on Pinterest?
Is anyone interested to see me drawing?

If so, tell me about a recording software. I'm planning to make a speedpaint someday.
I'll need from you an honest opinion about my art style, please. I want to improve a bit.

Do you think the colors are too bright?

Do I overuse soft shading?

Are my lines too thick?
I recently finished Megaman Zero 3.

*Did I kill Phantom's spirit?:o (Eek) 
*Poor baby elves. Alouette would be sad Zero! No, I disagree! 
*NUUUU! X!!!!! Crying crying Neko Emoji-14 (Cry) [V1] Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] Pyong Cry Rainbow Dash (cry) plz  (I know he was drifting back to cyberspace but that sad music does not help at all)

I started Zero 4 recently but it's a little bit disappointing. It's just not the same without X, the guardians, the cyber elves and songs like For Endless Fight. And the songs are relatively plain actually. It's not bad at all but I feel it was made solely to end Zero.
I've been playing Megaman Zero 3.

When will I get to defeat that mantis!? >:/

Wow. Has somebody else noticed these Zero designs for Mega Man, Roll and Proto Man?:…

Apparently Nakayama himself designed them.

Is anyone else shocked (and horrified) by the fact people actually ship Classic Megaman with X!?

December has begun. Let's quote one of my favorite christmas songs to celebrate (You won't guess it)

"You're a penguin Dedede, you're a grumpy grouchy guy, the only game you deserve is on the Philips CDi"
I think I found the main diference between SNES games and Genesis games:

In the Super Nintendo, the music is usually soft and in SEGA Genesis, it has a more rock/metal effect.
Have you ever heard about a Sega Genesis game released 7 years after the console was discontinued? Well, it's called Crazy Bus.

What kind of game is it? Well, it's more like an unfinished demo or something. You can only drive forwards or backwards and honk your horn, nothing else. The graphics were crude and the title music is: A kamehameha into my ears >_<

And turns out this game was made on VENEZUELA which is actually my country. For shame.... I think a game developed by me would be a flop as well.
I heard that Sonic Forces was released yesterday. How did it go with the reviews?

Bad news: I used the select glitch to cheat it...
have you ever tried playing on a virtual boy?


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